Hill Petroleum® was formed in 1982 when Tom Hill purchased an existing Getty/Skelly marketer serving the west Denver Metro Area with three employees (including Tom). The facility consisted of a tank farm, two stall garage, 1,200 square foot warehouse, 300 square foot office and three delivery vehicles.

30 years later, Hill Petroleum® is a full service petroleum marketer with over 110 employees serving the Western half of the United States. We offer a complete range of refined petroleum products including Lubricants, Fuels, Propane, Methanol, Eco-friendly products, Race Fuels and Bio-fuels.  Services include design, sale and instrallation of lubrication and filtration equipment, fuel and propane dispensing systems and facility design consultation. We have the ability to supply all grades of commercial, industrial, retail and aviation fuels, including the ability to offer Fixed Forward and (hedged), Maximum Price, contracts for Refined Fuel and Propane.

Hill Petroleum® has four physical locations in Colorado. The corporate office in Arvada, and satellite branches in Craig, Ft. Morgan and Greeley. The combined number of delivery vehicles is well over 50 including Tractor-trailer units, 4,500 gallon straight trucks for Bulk Refined Fuels, Lubricant and Propane deliveries and Package delivery trucks. The Arvada location has the ability to receive bulk petroleum products via rail to supply a 50,000 square foot warehouse holding bulk and packaged lubricants and including a "state-of-the-art" packaging facility. The total aggregate bulk storage at all company locations combined is well over one million gallons. We own and operate retail and commercial 24-hour fueling locations and warehouses at each one of the operating properties.

We are a First Source Marketer for Chevron and a Master Distributor for Sunoco Race Fuels and Brad Penn Lubricants and JAX (specialized) lubricants. We have affiliations with every major refiner and supplier in the western US. 

We have over 175 years of combined field experience with a total sales staff of 10 and are technical advisors to many state and national organizations. 

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